05/02/2014- New Machine Model (BV.CF.650)
11/12/2013- New Machine Model (BV.LX.LR.1060)

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Soles Cleaning Machine

Soles Cleaning Machine with Aspiration and Controlled Engine Rotatios

  • Facilitate the removal of excess glue on the sales.
  • This can be controled by the speed of rotation of the brush.

Machine for Bending Uppers

Machine for Bending Uppers Vamp Crimping

  • The side plates have a numerical scale that facilitates the positioning of the upper grip.
  • The front plate for positioning the upper grip can be adjusted horizontally.
  • In the control panel activates right up machine, monitors up time, and the temperature in the two side plates.

Sander With Reg. Rotations

Sander 1000-6000 with reg. rotations, 2 upper motors and aspiration

  • With two 2 sanding belt and reg. rotations ( 1000 a 6000 RPM's)
  • The sanding belt have two different dimensions ( 80 and 45mm).

Gluing and aligning bases

Gluing and aligning bases with automatic pneumatic rotation system

  • This machine is designed to glue the linings of the shoe cuts.
  • Automatic rotation and heating system.

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